Men's Yoga T-Shirt Namaste Blue



Made for A very lightweight T-shirt designed for gentle yoga or meditation. Looking for a lightweight and comfy T-shirt? You'll forget you're even wearing this T-shirt, that was designed for yoga, so you can just focus on your breathing.
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Stabilityspecific length, the goal is to forget you're wearing it during your session
Freedom of movementVery lightweight, supple and stretchy to follow your every move.
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Our product design process
From beginners to yoga instructors, every member of our team shares this same passion. Whether we do gentle yoga or have a more dynamic practice, we're all seeking balance. With our network of yogi ambassadors, we (e)co-design products to meet your needs and mindset. We are committed to making your yoga practice a positive, generous and eco-friendly experience.
Why the majority of our gentle yoga collection is made from organically farmed cotton
Because soft, natural fabric helps you stay focused on your sport. The organically farmed cotton is free from GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), pesticides and other chemical fertilizers that can be dangerous for your skin. Using organic cotton is both practical and good for the environment because it improves soil fertility and reduces groundwater pollution.
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Bottle/Body: 48.0% Cotton, 5.0% Elastane, 47.0% Lyocell

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