Football Reversible Support Strap - Black or White




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Football Reversible Support Strap - Black or White

Made for Our football-player designers have developed this Tip-Top support strap with velcro fastening, to keep your shin pads in place. This reversible shin pad support is made up of an elasticated strap band combined with a rip-tab fastening system to hold them in place. Sold in pairs.
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stabilityElasticated adjustable strap for holding the shin pad in place.
easy dressingRip-tab fastener.
flexibilityReversible, with a different colour on either side.
easy maintenanceHand wash the elastic band.
Technical Information

Why should you use a Tip -Top strap?
After observing players on the pitch, our product design team created a system for holding shin pads in place so you no longer have to put up with them slipping about during matches. This eco-friendly solution is reusable, unlike the adhesive straps that are commonly used and thrown away after each use. This solution also avoids damaging your socks and its strap will not rip out your hair or skin.
Reversible colour range
The support straps are available in different colours so you can go with your club's colours. The Tip-Top will keep a low profile on your sock.
Adjusting your Kipsta reversible support strap.
To make it easy to adjust and be sure it hugs your leg, the strap has velcro fastening.
Information / Concept / Technology

Wash by hand.After use, do not leave the support strap in a closed bag.

Stockage tips
Main fabric: 20.0% Polyamide, 24.0% Synthetic Rubber, 56.0% Polyester

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