Fishing Braid Line 4 Strand - Multicolour (300 Metre)




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Fishing Braid Line 4 Strand - Multicolour (300 Metre)

Made for We designed this multi-coloured 4-strand braid for all types of sea fishing. The MTX4 multi-coloured braid has good tensile strength and excellent resistance to wear. 3 colours which change every 10 metres: red - blue - green
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breaking resistanceThe 4-strand braid offers a very good tensile strength.
durabilityThe 4-strand braid is coated for better resistance to wear
visibilityThe 3 colour sequence allows for more precise fishing.
Technical Information

Length: 300m - 328yds Braid: 4-strand of UHMPE (ultra-high density polyethylene) Colour: Multi- colour (red - blue - green) Colour change: every 10 metres
Diameters and breaking strengths
16/100 - 9.6kg - PE: #1.0 - 0.006 Inch - 21.2 lbs 20/100 - 15.4kg - PE: #1.5 - 0.008 Inch - 34 lbs 35/100 - 26.4kg - PE: #4.5 - 0.014 Inch - 58.2 lbs
3 colours
The sequencing of 3 different colours every 10 metres allows the angler to determine the distance they are fishing from or bites for shore fishing, and the same at depth when boat fishing.
4-strand braid
The 4-strand braid allows you to have a smaller diameter than nylon with the same resistance. This allows you to cast further and fight even the biggest fish. The braid is better suited than nylon for lure fishing, because it is not elastic and increases sensitivity (detection of bites, the bottom, lures, and fish).
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Support: 100.0% Polystyrene Main part: 100.0% Polyethylene

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