Battery Torchlight - 100 lumen - TL100




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Battery Torchlight - 100 lumen - TL100
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Inspired by the modes used on the ONNIGHT 100 head torches, this small 100 lumen torch lights up further but can also be discreet enough to light up in the tent or shelter.
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Visual efficiencyNarrow beam (100 lm). 25 m range. perfect for bivouacking or in a shelter
Autonomy30h in eco mode 10h in high power mode.Works with 3 LR03-AAA batteries supplied
Versatility3 lighting modes: Red, Eco white, Strong white
DurabilityShock-proof and highly splash-resistant (IPX4)
Ease of useOne button only and ergonomically easy to handle even wearing gloves
Compact designTriangular shape matching the shape of the batteries means less bulk.
EcodesignThe reduced number of parts lowers the CO2 impact by 20% (vs previous model)
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

SIZE (L x H x D)
60 x 40 x 31 mm
Lighting modes
The TL100 torchlight has 3 modes suited to every situation: - Red mode to stay discreet in a refuge, or preserve your night vision - Eco mode for walking or use when bivouacking - Power mode when hiking on paths
Operates with 3 LR03-AAA batteries (supplied)
The narrow beam of the TL100 torchlight concentrates the light so you can see as far as possible
Lighting technology
Standard LED lighting. lighting performance decreases gradually as the batteries discharge in order to extend battery life.
ABS-PC body with rubber lens protection. Opens with 1/4 turn of the watertight battery compartment.
Information / Concept / Technology
Battery : 100.0% Battery - Alkaline Main part : 92.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Main part : 7.0% Silicon, Main part : 1.0% Thermoplastic Polyethylene Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate Electronic circuit : 100.0% PCBA

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Stockage tips
When storing for a long period, remove the batteries from the product. Store your torchlight in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
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