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Looking for a practical pool table without all the bulk? Discover pool with this compact, complete pool set! Just put it down and play. Play at home, play anywhere!
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Compact designEasy to store and carry thanks to its compact size and handle.
Ease of usePut down and play: the tabletop adapts immediately to all table shapes.
PrecisionDiscover the requirements of pool with suitable balls, pockets, and cushions.
Easy assembly / dismantlingSet up the four small table feet under 5 minutes!
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Everything you need for starting out in just one set:
With this set, you have everything you need for starting out. In addition to the BT 100 pool table to place on a table, you have: - 2 x 122cm pool cues (48" long), with a rubber tip (12mm diameter) - 15 numbered US-style pool balls, 44mm diameter. - 1 triangle for racking your balls at the beginning of a game. This set does not come with chalk (rubber tips) or large table legs (tabletop).
Size, shape, and compatibility explained:
The BT 100 pool set is 118 cm long and 64 cm wide with a 108 x 54 cm playing surface (this is a standard format: the length is twice the width). At 12 cm high (6 cm cushions and 6 cm feet), it's easy to store as it slots neatly under a bed. The sides are 4 cm wide and the tabletop is 0.8 cm thick. And its weight? The full set weighs 14 kg. For playing? A playing area of at least 12 sqm will be necessary!
What kind of table does the BT 100 pool set work with?
For the best experience, we suggest placing your BT 100 on a table that comes up to hip-height of the smallest player (it's better for it to be too low than too high). The table adapts to square tables (81 cm per side or greater), rectangular tables (81 x 75 cm or greater), and round tables (115 cm diameter or greater).
How do you maintain a pool cue?
You know the motion: before your shot, you put a bit of chalk on the tip of your pool cue. Why doesn't the BT 100 set come with chalk? Because we offer cues with rubber tips. The rubber tip requires less maintenance and keeps you from getting blue chalk on yourself! Not suitable for intermediate or advanced players that want to put spin on balls.
If you ever hear the term "holes" in reference to pool, that isn't the right word for the sport! That's right! If you want to start playing pool, you'll need to put balls in the pockets (not the holes). But how? By shooting the white ball with a cue. Here we talk about a cue, rather than a stick.
Are you learning to play pool? Our team has some tips for starting out:
To get even closer to the real feel of pool, we recommend putting your BT 100 on a dining table or a desk (generally between 72 and 80 cm high). That way, you're playing at the same height as a real pool table. You can start to find the positions where you're comfortable, to improve your accuracy. Do you have a good, stable position? It's time to learn to aim!
Information / Concept / Technology
Board : 100.0% Wood Structure : 100.0% Wood Clothes : 100.0% Polyester Pocket : 100.0% Polypropylene

By the Fédération Française de Billard.

Stockage tips
We recommend covering your BT 100 pool table with a sheet, keeping it in a dry place away from dust and direct sunlight, and not putting heavy weights on it.
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