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Thanks to the lightweight design of the bat shape, you can lift and swing this bat quickly with ease. Kashmir willow is the ideal tough wood for beginners to discover cricket with.

LightweightMid profile balance offers lightweight easy pick up bat less than 950 gms
ForgivenessFishnet fiber scuff sheet + ready to play Kashmir willow bat
Vibration dampening4 split cane handle with 3 rubber inserts minimizes handle vibration
DurabilityEpoxy resin reinforced handle enhances durability of handle by 50%
Warranty2-year warranty on the bat handle.
Technical Information

What is the Balance' of a cricket bat? What is the difference between the mid-profile and low-profile balance of bats?
The balance of a cricket bat is defined by the proportion of weight distribution along the bat. Higher weight distribution towards the handle of the bat makes the bat feel light and provides easy bat pick up (Mid Profile Balance). Higher weight distribution towards the toe end of the bat increases the power of your shots through a more power-filled bat swing (Low Profile Balance)
What does the 'Lite' series bats offer? Who should use it?
Lite' series of FLX bats have a slightly high sweet spot design with optimized bat spine and edge thickness that offers this bat an amazing pick up for users who play an all-round game.
Why are FLX bat handles stronger?
All FLX bat handles are designed with the addition of epoxy resin to increase the strength of the handles by 50% than normal handles. This is why we are confident to offer a 2-year warranty on our bat handles
Bat handle details
4 piece cane handle with 3 rubber inserts. Cane is a flexible material that increases durability on repeated impact. with ball. The rubber inserts in the handle in between the 4 pieces of cane help in dampening the vibration caused by ball impact.
Wood Details
Kashmir Willow is a hard, durable wood sourced from Kashmir. It is ideal for beginners and occasional users who want to discover or play Leather ball cricket with a strong bat. It is more durable than English willows and makes the bat ready to play.
How do we test our bats at FLX? (Lab + use)
All our bat designs are tested and validated for high standards of durability and the right Bat balance in FLX's very own Bat Lab in Bangalore. Our factories adhere to strict quality control plans to ensure that every bat we roll out is as close to the dream we had for it when we put pencil to paper. Our main promises of lightweight and power are also validated by users like you on the field as they tested our bats while playing a game of cricket.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 100.0% Wood Grip : 100.0% Rubber - Butadiene Rubber
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