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Thanks to the UPF rating of 50+ (sun protection factor), this Cricket polo blocks at least 95% of the UV rays while you play outdoor. The hydrophilic 100% polyester offers advanced sweat management.
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Sun protectionUPF 50+ rated technical fabric blocks at least 95% of UV rays from the sun
Moisture managementMoisture-wicking + Quick dry component offers good sweat management
Freedom of movementWider underarm Raglan sleeve design allows high and cross arm movement
SoftnessSoft fabric avoids irritation with the skin under hot and humid conditions
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is Sun Protection and the UPF rating?
The level of protection that a fabric+ an apparels design offers is measured by its UPF rating. A UPF rating of 50+ blocks out at least 95% of the harmful UV rays when the apparel is worn while playing under direct sun for extended hours. The P 900 advanced technical cricket polo offers UPF 50+ rating for you to play cricket safely under the sun.
What is 'freedom of Movement' in apparel?
The ability to freely move the parts of one's body in order to comfortably make all the movements necessary to practice a sport is called Freedom of Movement. At FLX, we use technical fabrics with a high stretch while designing our cricket apparel. We also work with cricket users to find the right fit and design to offer a constraint-free experience while you bat, bowl and field.
What is Moisture Management?
The capacity of a fabric to effectively absorb sweat from the skin is called wicking. The ability of a fabric to be able to release this sweat into the air by evaporation is its Quick dry capacity. The combination of both- Wicking and Quick Dry in the same fabric is called Moisture Management. This hydrophilic 100% polyester fabric is validated for a high level of moisture management that makes the experience of playing cricket for long hours under hot and humid conditions pleasant.
How do we test our Products for your happiness and safety in the cricket field?
Our apparel is tested and validated for high standards of durability upon regular use and multiple washes. We also test our products to offer the right fit for you to enjoy a constraint-free experience while wearing our Polo's or Trousers.
A team of passionate cricketers trying to boost the excitement of cricket
We are a team that enjoys playing cricket anywhere, anytime when we practice together. We work to ensure you experience the same level of excitement while playing cricket with our products. Sajan (Product Manager), Bhumika (Product Engineer) and Anusha (Product Designer) have developed this Polo with the fantastic support of a large network including the production teams, factories and users like yourself.
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Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester
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