Women's Mountain Trekking Long-Sleeved T-Shirt MT500 Merino - navy blue




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Women's Mountain Trekking Long-Sleeved T-Shirt MT500 Merino - navy blue

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Merino wool is ideal for trekking: it is soft and breathable, and keeps your body at a pleasant temperature in every season.
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Odour controlthe component (86% merino wool) reduces bad odours
WarmthMerino wool T-shirt (190 g/sqm) to provide additional warmth
Abrasion resistanceWool fibre surrounded by polyamide yarn for protection
Moisture managementThe high absorbency of wool helps keep the body dry
BreathabilityMerino wool is breathable and helps maintain the right body temperature
SoftnessUltra-fine (18.5 microns) Merino wool. It is extremely soft and non-itch
WeightThis T-Shirt weighs 215 g in size M
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

We only use wool from merino sheep bred on farms in South Africa that do not practise mulesing. We decided to build a partnership with a group of breeders (Konsortium Merino) to guarantee respect for animal welfare and the environment. This means we have full traceability, which allows us to guarantee the origin of the wool. More information: visit our website
How did we improve the durability of our T-shirt?
Use of a BETA-SPUN yarn structure in which the polyamide threads coat the Merino wool fibres and protect them from rubbing and cuts without affecting their properties.
How does wool reduce the proliferation of bad odours?
The components used reduce bad odours. Laboratory tested according to the ISO 17299-3 standard Wool from merino sheep naturally controls the spread of the bacteria that cause bad odours. This means that you don't have to take as much clothing on a trek!
Reducing the "freezing effect"
After any physical effort that involves a lot of perspiration, wool helps to preserve the body temperature while synthetic fabrics cause the temperature to drop faster. The unpleasant cooling or "freezing effect" is therefore reduced by the merino wool.
Do you have a final word of advice before using it?
For a softer feel, wash your t-shirt before first use.
How do I wash my Merino wool t-shirt?
We recommend that you machine wash your Merino wool t-shirt at 30° on a normal cycle, preferably with liquid detergent. Dry flat. NEVER tumble dry unless you want to end up with a Merino T-shirt fit only for a doll! For more information: Visit our website
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 86.0% Wool, Main fabric : 14.0% Polyamide Yoke : 98.0% Wool, Yoke : 2.0% Polyamide

Product test
The Trek 500 T-shirt was tested by 9 users in the Massif des Bauges in October 2019. These testers, who are independent of Decathlon, were supported by our design teams: Maïté, our product engineer, Mélanie, our designer and myself, the product manager. For 5 days, we tested this T-shirt together in cold, snowy conditions, with some fine days of walking and a number of nights in a bed-and-breakfast or bivouac. We used this test to validate the product in use.
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