54 mm 101A Conical Skateboard Wheels 4-Pack - Ivory



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We carried out numerous tests in several skateparks when developing these wheels. The result was a sturdy wheel that's comfortable to use. 99A hardness.
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Glide qualityThe 101A hardness improves acceleration and slide during tricks (slides)
Robustness100% polyurethane wheels (new formula) to limit flat spots
PrecisionAvailable in 3 sizes (52/54/56 mm) to adapt to your skating style.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

56 mm: to guarantee good performance and acceleration when carving. The conical shape provides a wide contact surface (20 mm) and ensures good grip at high speeds. 54 mm: highly versatile for both street and carving (half-pipes/bowls) 52 mm: smaller and easier to handle, making them ideal for technical street tricks.
The hardness of a skate wheel defines its glide performance on slides, its efficiency and its durability. Our 101A (or 81B) wheels are fast and glide perfectly for tricks like tail and nose slides. They are perfect for smooth concrete surfaces (skatepark).
Our new Super High Rebound formula guarantees a high-performance wheel that meets the needs of the most demanding skaters. Very durable on flat spots.
The story behind these wheels...
We developed these wheels by carrying out numerous lab tests to check the general resistance to wear and sturdiness. We also organised tests with several skaters at different skateparks to get their feedback on the glide quality, slidability, etc. This close collaboration with skaters during the development process means that we can create quality products that are suited to our users' needs and offer great value for money.
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Frame : 100.0% Polyurethane Packaging : 100.0% Viscose
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