Adult Helmet 100 with Built-in Face Protection



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Innovative helmet that allows boxers to fully protect their face while training. It combines a protection bar and impact-absorbing foam.
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Impact protectionCentral bar to withstand strong impacts. Triple-density foam.
StabilityHelmet locking system with tightening buckle and rip-tab strip.
Abrasion resistanceUltra-durable polyurethane outer coating.
Field of visionWide eye opening + clear bar.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

A helmet for daring to spar!
Are you accustomed to cardio boxing or punching bag work, but don't dare to box with a partner? We are pleased to present this ultra-protective helmet for confidently taking your first steps in the ring. A helmet specially designed for surpassing your limits safely and enjoyably!
Complete protection!
To make users want to experience the joys of sparring, our design team imagined a helmet that fully protects the face. "With a traditional helmet, the nose, mouth, eyes, and part of the cheeks remain very exposed," explains Julien, Outshock product manager. Thanks to the protection bar that crosses your face around the nose, you can't get hit!
Lab tested protection
To offer complete protection while ensuring an excellent field of vision and good breathability, we gave this helmet a clear bar. Tested in the lab under extreme conditions, it is designed to withstand very powerful impacts. It is thick enough to prevent your opponent's fist from reaching you, but thin enough so you can breathe normally. It is transparent so that you can enjoy the same field of vision as with a traditional boxing helmet
Triple-density foam
With the Helmet 100, we offer protection specially designed for learning to spar. So for greater comfort and cushioning (for you and your partner), we created this helmet with triple-density DX3 foam: - flexible inner foam provides greater comfort - stiffer intermediate foam absorbs shocks - flexible outer foam cushions your sparring partner from blows
Choosing the right helmet size
The size of our helmets is expressed in centimetres, corresponding to your head size (diameter at forehead height). Here is the sizing table: Size M = head size of 55 to 58 cm. Size L = head size of 58 to 61 cm.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Polycarbonate Outcover : 50.0% Cotton, Outcover : 50.0% Polyurethane Padding : 70.0% Foamed EVA, Padding : 30.0% Foamed Polyethylene Lining : 70.0% Polyester, Lining : 30.0% Polyamide

This product has been tested and approved by our boxing teams under demanding conditions closest to real-world use.

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Stockage tips
Remember to remove your headguard from your sports bag after each workout. For quicker drying, we recommend air drying.
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