set of 2 hiking pole caps




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set of 2 hiking pole caps

Made for
Cushioning, grip, durability: these caps will transform your pole tips so that you can walk more comfortably on any type of hard ground (road, stone, root, etc.)
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CushioningFlexible material with a rounded shape to reduce noise & absorb shocks on ground
Grip100% rubber material with a knobby pattern for grip and traction
DurabilityDesigned to last. Rubber which is highly resistant to abrasion and perforation
CompatibilityFits Quechua and Forclaz poles. Does not come off while walking
Ease of useRed so that it's easily spotted should it come offKnobby pattern indicating wear
Content protectionPrevents the tip of the pole from causing injury or damaging my belongings
EcodesignExtended product life compared to the old model
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

How it was designed...
Entirely designed and validated during the course of a one-year collaboration with 14 demanding users, composed of a well-selected mix of hiking customers and trekking ambassadors. From the drafting of the specifications to the prototype validation tests, including the choice of the colour. Thank you Serge, Evelyne, Olivier, Thomas, Perrine and all the others!
We decided to work on the durability aspect mainly by choosing a rubber formulation that is highly resistant to abrasion and deformation. Our laboratory tests show 3 times less wear than the previous model (average abrasion at ambient and hot temperatures). To maximise the durability, we also opted for a deep knobby pattern. Consequently, the cap does not have to be replaced as often, thereby reducing the environmental impact.
Our other technical choices…
In addition to its durability, the rubber material of this cap has a higher grip coefficient on hard ground (road, stones, trees). We have also specifically designed some V-shaped knobs to provide good grip on soft ground (dirt, mud).
To fit this cap on Quechua and Forclaz poles
Push the cap forcefully onto the tip, so the flexible material deforms to adapt to the tip. It is important to hit the ground hard 2 to 3 times to ensure its full insertion. The grip on the pole tip has been designed so that the cap does not get lost easily when walking. The grip is maximised on a clean tip but decreases if there is any dust or moisture on the tip. To remove it, pull it off with a twisting motion. This will make it much easier to remove.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 95.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Main part : 5.0% Steel

In addition to the laboratory tests, 14 co-designers have also approved this model by conducting field tests. They validate certain aspects such as the shock absorption, ease of use, grip

Product test
During the design stage, each model passes laboratory tests that replicate the demands that will be experienced in the field (abrasion, grip, etc.) These tests are regularly repeated during production to guarantee a consistent level of quality.

Stockage tips
Once worn, please dispose of this cap in the appropriate rubber recycling bin at your local recycling centre, so that it can be recycled.
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