Paracord Bushcraft Firecord 550 20 metres




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Paracord Bushcraft Firecord 550 20 metres

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Type III 550 paracord, 7 strands with a breaking strain of 200 kg + 1 tinder strand. 4 mm cord diameter, 20 m length. Simply essential for bushcraft
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Breaking resistanceHighly solid, the 4 mm strand resists up to 200 kg of traction
VersatilityDesigned to tie up anything and everything, it can also help you start a fire
Easy assembly / dismantlingIdeal for tying knots when setting up camp or hide, durable yet easy to untie
Weight170 g
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Very well known in the military world, in the field of survival, and in all outdoor activities, paracord is an essential bushcraft accessory. It can be used to set up a hammock, a mosquito net, rig a tarp, tie wood together to make a shelter or a raft, transport wood or an animal, suspend a load, etc. Can be braided into a knife handle or a bracelet to always keep it to hand. Do not use for climbing.
Paracord is a really versatile piece of kit. And to make it even more useful, we have added a special strand, a Firecord. Simply cut off a piece of this Firecord, crumble it between your fingers and strike a spark with a fire starter—like the one on the case of the Solognac SIKA 150 G10 knife—to make a flame, and therefore a fire.
Information / Concept / Technology
Rope : 99.0% Polyester, Rope : 1.0% Hemp
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