Axis 75 Folding Knife Black



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Folding knife with an elegant design and a 7.5 cm blade that is durable, light and compact. The knife you've been waiting for, for bushcraft and other outdoor activities.
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RobustnessRobust design thanks to its metal body and frame lock
Corrosion resistanceNo need to worry about moisture, the blade is made of 5Cr15 stainless steel.
Ergonomic gripIts shape and rubber grip allow you to get a firm hold of it.
Easy maintenanceEasy to regain a good edge thanks to the softer steel.
Easy transportUse the metal clip to attach it to a pocket or your belt.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Dimensions and weight
Weight: 100 g Blade length: 7.5 cm Overall length when unfolded: 17 cm Blade thickness: 2.5 mm Handle length: 9.7 cm Blade angle: 20° Type of steel: 5Cr15 Hardness: 56 HRC Blade shape: Drop point (specific to hunting) Sharpening: flat Finish: Sand-blasted Handle: ABS plastic Hole for wrist strap Belt clip
It has a blade angle of 20°. An orange triangle on the back of the pack allows you to check this angle on a sharpening stone. All you have to do now is place the blade on the triangle, follow the slant and keep to this angle while sharpening on the stone.
5Cr15 Stainless Steel
Our engineers have chosen 5Cr15 stainless steel for this knife for three reasons: - the steel is hard enough to keep an edge for a good length of time, such as for cutting branches or preparing game for a couple of hours. - the steel is soft enough to allow easy sharpening thanks to a hardness of around 56 HRC, and to regain a sharp edge within a few passes on a sharpening tool - the steel offers good resistance to corrosion thanks to its chemical composition.
Your knife is assembled with four Torx screws. The screw closest to the blade is linked to the blade rotation mechanism. For example, if you want to make it harder to close and open the blade, then tighten this screw, and vice versa. Carefully wipe the blade after use. Do not put in the dishwasher. Keep in a dry place. For even greater protection, lightly oil the blade.
Information / Concept / Technology
Blade : 100.0% Stainless Steel Handle : 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Stockage tips
Wipe the blade after washing
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