Evolving Ab Wheel with Elastic Band Support




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Evolving Ab Wheel with Elastic Band Support

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Train your abs safely with our new ab wheel. It has an adjustable, removable strap to help you progress.
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Optimised postureBetter lumbar curve (compared to the classic ab wheel)
Ease of learningMore complete movement (+7cm) than with the classic ab wheel
Ecodesign45% of this product's total weight comes from recycled materials.
VersatilityAdjustable, removable strap to suit your fitness and desired level of difficulty
Easy assembly / dismantlingThe ab wheel can be dismantled and the strap removed
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

An ab wheel that anyone can use
The wheels of this ab roller are widely spaced to make it very stable. It also comes with an elasticated strap. The length of this strap can be adjusted to suit both beginners and experienced users. It also means you can move from beginner to intermediate with just one product. The strap is also removable so that experts can use the wheels only, without the strap.
What does an optimised posture mean?
To ensure the Evolving Ab Wheel was effective, we conducted biomechanical tests on 25 sports users (16 beginners and 9 advanced) by comparing it with the Classic Ab Wheel. 100% of the beginners found the movement easier with the Evolving Ab Wheel and were able to go 7 cm farther during the movement. Users are able to maintain a better degree of curve in their lumbar spine with the Evolving Ab Wheel, and the effort felt in the abs is just as intense.
Mat included
The idea behind this ab wheel is to have a strap and an elastic band that are attached to the wheel to help you perform your exercises. We have also included a mat for added comfort.
Eco-friendly design
It is essential to us to protect our planet, and that is why each plastic part making up this ab wheel and that is not in direct contact with the skin, is made from recycled plastic.
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 69.46% Polypropylene - Recycled, Frame : 30.54% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene Bar : 100.0% Steel Base : 69.95% Polypropylene - Recycled, Base : 30.05% Foamed Polyurethane Elastic band : 52.1% Polyamide, Elastic band : 24.5% Rubber - Natural Rubber - Latex, Elastic band : 23.4% Polyester Handle : 82.14% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene, Handle : 17.86% Polypropylene - Recycled Webbing : 100.0% Polypropylene Buckles : 100.0% Polyoxymethylene

Physios and users, from beginner to intermediate

Product test
We asked beginners who had never before used a conventional ab roller to try out our ab wheel. Once they'd given it a go, they loved it.

Stockage tips
Store the ab wheel indoors
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