Free-Standing Punching Bag 100 - Inflatable




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Free-Standing Punching Bag 100 - Inflatable

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Want to learn to box, or just to unwind? This free standing, inflatable punching bag is easy to use, move, and store.Pump not included.
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CushioningAfter inflating, its bounce allows you to safely perform sequences of strikes.
Easy assembly / dismantlingQuick inflation with a universal pump (not provided) and deflates in 5 seconds.
Easy to moveEasy to move with the handles under the base.
Versatility1.60 m long for doing both punches and kicks.
StabilityFill the base with water or sand for better stability.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Making boxing accessible to all
We had just one idea in mind when imagining this inflatable punching bag: making boxing accessible to all. "This product is perfect for getting started in kick boxing or any other type of boxing, even cardio kick boxing. You can do it all: jab, hook, uppercut, middle kick... This punching bag is also good for people who simply want a bit of exercise to unwind," explains Daniele, Outshock product manager.
Easy to use, move, and store
This product includes a plastic base that can contain 28 litres of water and up to 38 kg of sand to ensure good stability, as well as an inflatable "punching bag". The result: a product that is easy to use and store because you can inflate and deflate it as much as you like, since the inflatable part can slide into the plastic base. It inflates with an 18-mm nozzle pump (not provided) in under a minute.
An innovative product
Our team is proud to present an innovative product in free-standing bags, designed in collaboration with our teams in Hendaye (specialising in nautical and aquatic sports). "We use the same components as in our paddles, which makes our punching bag just as durable," says Daniele, Outshock product manager. It has been laboratory tested and withstands a cycle of 50000 repeated strikes by a machine.
This punching bag is 1.60 m high. The plastic base has a 56 cm diameter and is 15cm high. Box dimensions: 59 cm X 59 cm X 17 cm
Directions for inflation and use
For good rebound, the product should remain soft to the touch and with pressure from the hands. It is not necessary to overinflate this punching bag. Do not use the compressor to inflate the product, you might overinflate it and break the membrane. Always use boxing bandages, mitts or gloves when hitting the bag. Without them, you risk injuring yourself (burns, bruises). For more information, refer to the user guide.
Information / Concept / Technology
Base : 50.0% Polyethylene High Density, Base : 50.0% Polyethylene High Density - Recycled Bladder : 70.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free, Bladder : 30.0% Polyester Complementary parts : 100.0% Thermo Polymer Elastomer

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Stockage tips
You can store your punching bag indoors or outdoors, but to maintain the bag pressure, we recommend you store it indoors (to avoid changes in temperature).
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