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A pair of category 3 polarised sunglasses with leash and strap for a secure fit while surfing. Modular attachments so you can use them with arms when out of the water.
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Sun protectionCategory 3 lenses. 100% UV protection.
PolarisedPolarised lenses: limit reflections on the water
StabilityAdjustable strap for surfing. Neck leash. Soft nose pads.
Water drainageOpen shape to let water and air flow. Water-repellent treatment
FlexibilityComes with removable arms for out-of-water use.
RobustnessLenses and frame made of durable polycarbonate plastic.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Comes in a case with removable arms for out-of-water use. -neck leash -adjustable strap system for use when surfing
Attaching the leash
The plastic hook attaches to the silicone neck leash. The other end attaches to one of the strap’s adjustable plastic buckles.
Use when surfing
The flat shape of the frames allows air to circulate, stopping the lenses from fogging up. However, fog can appear temporarily when there is a large difference between air and water temperature. The frame shape also allows you to easily have your prescription lenses put in at your optician’s, an expensive and complicated process with curved frames. The bridge cushions pressure from the water. The strap guarantees they stay in place in the water.
Out of water use
Simply slide the plastic part near the lenses down and attach the arm to replace the strap.
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 80.0% Polyamide 12, Frame : 20.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate Leash : 50.0% Polyester, Leash : 40.0% Silicon, Leash : 10.0% Polyamide Strap : 80.0% Polyester, Strap : 20.0% Polycarbonate

Product test
By our teams and surfers in waves up to 1.5m in Hendaye, Basque country, and in tropical areas.

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In the box supplied.
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