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Are your muscles aching from the day's training? Back of the neck, back, thighs, calves: Clever! With its removable modules, this stick can be adapted to each body area, and exert the right pressure.
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VersatilityUse this stick on a number of areas: your back, your neck, your legs...
FlexibilityAdapt your stick to the zone you're massaging with the removable modules.
Ease of useSimply clip the orange modules on, or unclip them.
Anatomic designTo vary the intensity of massage, vary the pressure you exert on your muscles.
EcodesignLightweight plastic material, -25% of CO2 compared with the previous version.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

How do I adjust the massage stick?
We've designed a massage stick that can be tailored to your needs, allowing you to self-massage the greatest number of muscle groups using a single product: Take off the 2 orange half-balls by pressing on them, and place them wherever you wish on the bar. You can put them together to form an X or O shape, or use the black cylinders to space them out.
How to use the massage stick
After your work-out, we recommend that you massage yourself in the evening or the following day. Once you've adjusted the stick to the area you want to massage and the intensity of massage you're seeking, hold it by its two handles and roll it along your muscle, either from front to back to relax it, or from down to up to drain it. Adapt the pressure to your needs and massage the area for 5 minutes. Want to find out more? Watch the explanatory videos we provide below.
Why should you massage yourself after sport?
Massaging yourself makes your muscles more flexible. So it promotes their recovery. This makes it easier to complete a series of training sessions and improve! Easier for beginners to use than a roller, the self-massaging stick with its thick modules allows you give the muscle groups of your whole body a deep massage, and to target the trigger points.
Making it simple and clever: Let us tell you about the Modular 500
"Massaging your own back is not what I'd call easy." So how do you self-massage your whole body? This is the question that set our design team onto the idea for a massage stick that would be easy and quick to set up: 2 removable modules and 4 sliding modules, for minimum gear and maximum possiblities. After 18 months working on the design and having it tested by our triathletes, we're proud to present you with a clever and versatile massage stick that adapts to all your needs.
Our dedicated triathlon team talks about recovery:
"If you've been pushing your training a bit too hard, a massage is definitely going to help you. Want some advice? In case of fatigue, the massage can wait till tomorrow. The most important thing after sport is the recovery drink and compression socks." "Since I don't run very often, I know that a massage stick is going to prevent that training ache in the days that follow. Getting a massage in the evening gives a real "wow" effect the next day. It really helps to keep performing well."
What are the stick's dimensions?
Length: 400 mm Diameter: 75 mm
Information / Concept / Technology
Bearing : 100.0% Polypropylene Handle : 100.0% Polypropylene Bar : 70.0% Polyamide 6.6, Bar : 30.0% Glass - Fiber
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