Men's Warm Weather UV Protection Long-Sleeved Jersey RC100 - Navy/Blue




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Men's Warm Weather UV Protection Long-Sleeved Jersey RC100 - Navy/Blue

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No more fears of sunburn! This RC100 long-sleeved jersey guarantees effective protection from UV rays during summer rides
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Sun protectionUPF 50+ component blocks over 95% of UVA and 98% of UVB rays NF EN ISO 13758
Moisture managementIts component provides excellent perspiration wicking
Pockets6 pockets including 2 secure ones: 1 for keys, a map and cash 1 for your phone
Freedom of movementRelaxed cut: suitable for all body types Elasticated waistband.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Moisture management
Air resistance reflects the ability of air to flow through the fabric: 539 l/m²/s The higher it is, the more air flows through the component and the better perspiration can dry on the skin. This slows the component's saturation speed The speed of diffusion reflects the drying speed: 6.33 mm/s The greater the diffusion, the greater the surface area for air exchange, which improves drying and delays the component's saturation.
Why protect yourself from UV rays?
In small doses, sunlight is great for your mood. It promotes the manufacture of vitamin D and helps to regulate sleep, however, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause serious damage: to your skin (premature ageing and skin cancers) and your eyes (cataracts, retinal damage). The RC100 UVP Long-Sleeved Jersey meets the standard: NF EN ISO 13758 for opacity and upper body coverage. It blocks over 95% of UVA and 98% of UVB rays
How to effectively protect yourself
For all outdoor activities - whether in the backyard, at an outdoor cafe, at the beach, in the mountains, exercising or walking - you must protect yourself from the sun 1. Covering your body with clothing and a helmet liner is the best way to protect yourself from UV rays. To protect your eyes, you should wear glasses 2. Avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day 3. Use highly protective sunscreen 4. See a dermatologist regularly
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Yoke : 84.0% Polyester, Yoke : 16.0% Elasthane
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