Kids' Beginner Inline Skate Brake Pad FIT 3 / FIT 5 Single-Pack



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Has the brake pad on your Fit 3 Junior or Fit 5 Junior skate worn out? This easy-to-install brake pad will give your skates a new lease of life and improve their braking.
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CompatibilitySuitable for the left or right foot on the Fit 3 and Fit 5 inline skates
Ease of useOnly 1 screw, accessible without removing wheels.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

"Beginner" Fit 3 and Fit 5 brake, or "intermediate" Fit 3 and Fit 5 brake? What's the difference?
The shape is the same but they wear out differently: - If you or your child is a novice skater, opt for the Fit 3 Junior and Fit 5 Junior beginner brake pad. The beginner Fit brake pad offers easy, intuitive, effective braking. - If you or your child has a decent level of experience, go for the Fit 3 Junior and Fit 5 Junior intermediate brake pad. The intermediate Fit brake pad offers effective braking and good resistance to wear (from the brakes being heavily used)
Brake compatible with the Oxelo Fit 3 Junior and Fit 5 Junior skates. Can be mounted on either foot.
How to replace your skate's brake pad
It's really quite simple: unscrew the worn brake, swap it with the new one, and screw into place. That's all there is to it! To do this, you'll need an Allen key. You can also find all of our skate maintenance and repair tutorials on our YouTube channel: Oxelo.
Already have your tools?
Why aren't there any tools in this kit for fitting the grips? For the same reason we offer spare parts: repair rather than throwing away, by providing the necessary parts at the best price. A more ecologically responsible attitude, focused on the long term. It's one of our commitments and that's why we don't want to add single use tools to every pack of spare parts.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 100.0% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber Screws : 100.0% Iron
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