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A solid inflatable kayak with high-pressure dropstitch bottom that seats 2 adults in a raised position for great paddling comfort. A good compromise between stability and performance.
Sizes guide

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VolumeFor 1 to 2 people, up to a maximum of 195 kg (430 lbs).
Easy assembly / dismantlingInflates in 8 minutes with a dual action hand pump.
StabilitySide tubes and a wide inflatable floor for good stability.
Glide performanceThe bow shape gives the kayak good glide performance. 3 keels.
Sitting comfortRaised seat for comfort when at rest and when paddling.
RobustnessDropstitch floor. Tarpaulin side tubes with pressure relief valves.
Quick dryingIts tarpaulin construction allows faster drying.
RepairSpare parts available online or at you nearest Decathlon workshop.
WarrantyGuaranteed availability of spare parts essential to use of product: 2 years Availability: 10 years
Technical Information

Technical dimensions and weights.
INFLATED SIZE Length: 365 cm Width: 103 cm FOLDED & BAGGED SIZE Height: 67 cm Width: 40 cm Thickness: 30 cm Weight: 16 kg Maximum floor pressure: 0.34 bar (5 psi) Side tube and seat pressure: 0.2 bar (3 psi) Number of seats: 1 or 2 seats Content: kayak, bag, repair kit, 3 fins, user guide, inflation connector, strap. PUMP NOT INCLUDED For use with an Itiwit double-action hand pump with adapters
Inflation tips and floor positioning
Connect the ITIWIT pump (sold separately) by twisting the pump adapter 1/4 turn and inflate the floor to 5 psi. Finish by screwing the cap back on. Put the floor inside the kayak and strap it at the ends. The floor valve must be aligned with the side tube valves located at the back of the kayak. The floor's position must allow free access to the drain plugs located in the middle of the kayak.
Side tube and seat inflation tips
Connect the ITIWIT pump (sold separately) by twisting the pump adapter 1/4 turn and inflate the side tubes to 3 psi. Finish by screwing the cap back on. Each side tube has a pressure relief valve. Its purpose is to evacuate excess air resulting from overinflation. When this happens, you may notice a hissing sound. This hissing sound is normal, it can also occur during prolonged exposure to the sun. It will stop once the kayak reaches the correct internal pressure.
Seat comfort and positioning.
The seats are high, providing increased comfort for adults in the paddling position. Position the seats on the floor using the velcro areas located under the seat and on the floor. Stow any bags or equipment into the kayak's rear hatch or attach to the rear deck. The boat is ready to be launched.
Glide performance
The deck of the Itiwit 100+ is based on the same dropstitch construction as the inflatable stand-up paddle. Dropstitch is a mesh made of polyester yarns between 2 layers of PVC. When the floor is inflated under high pressure, the threads are stretched and the construction becomes very strong, thus avoiding any deformation.
Care instructions
Remove the seats and slightly deflate the floor to make it easier to rinse out. Rinse the kayak, bottom and seats with clean water after each use to avoid damage from sand, salt water and sun. Open the drain plugs located in the middle of the kayak and at the rear. Tip the kayak to empty out the water.
Disassembly & folding
Make sure that the surface you intend to fold the kayak on is clean. Remove the fins. Deflate the side bladders. The valves are located at the back of the kayak. PLEASE NOTE: Do not unscrew the pressure relief valves at the front. Fold the floor. Fold the rest of the kayak in half lengthwise. Flatten the front fin base. Lay the rolled floor on the front end. Roll the kayak to the rear end. Strap the kayak.
Once dry and clean, the kayak should be stored in a dry and shady place, protected from significant temperature changes. The kayak can be stored folded but if you have enough space, storing it flat and slightly inflated will extend its life.
After-sales service
Spare parts are available for Itiwit X100+ kayaks from after-sales service. Visit the workshop at your nearest Decathlon store to collect or order some. Drop Stitch floor: 8561068 Pressure relief valve: 8561069 Carry bag: 8561073 Paddle rip-tab: 8561070
Directions for use.
We recommend that you use the product with a buoyancy vest.
Less than 3.5 metre canoe-kayak rules
Is your canoe-kayak inflatable or rigid and is less than 3.5 meters? You have what is called a beach craft. You must always stay 300 metres from a shelter (any place on the coast where any boat or vessel and its crew can get to safety by anchoring or berthing and leave without assistance). Buoyancy aids are not mandatory but strongly recommended to make it easier to get back in the boat if you fall out.
More than 3.5 metre canoe-kayak rules
Your canoe-kayak is rigid or inflatable with at least 2 separate air chambers. It measure more than 3.5 metres. It is "sea approved" by the manufacturer. You can paddle up to 2 nautical miles (approx. 3 km) from shore. You will need a number of safety features. You can find these elements using this link:
Information / Concept / Technology
Bladder : 80.0% Polyester, Bladder : 20.0% Polyvinyl Chloride Floor mat : 80.0% Polyester, Floor mat : 20.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester

ISO 6185-1 standard. Category IIIB (beach craft) Complies with French Division 240 regulations (sailing up to 300 m from shelter)

Stockage tips
Once dry and clean, the kayak should be stored in a dry and shady place, protected from significant temperature changes.
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