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A 14' x 25" inflatable stand-up paddleboard, semi-rigid bow and tail for greater speed. Perfect for practising, compact for travelling and competing.
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Glide performanceHydrodynamic shape: racy shape, pointed semi-rigid nose and square tail
Compact designDimensions when folded in the bag (75x45x30 cm). Inflates to 17 psi in 7 minutes
RigidityPolyethylene stringers on and under the board for greater inflated rigidity.
StabilityNarrow (25") and solidified by a stringer for a good speed/stability balance
RobustnessSturdy repairable & resistant reinforced dropstitch and glued PVC construction.
Easy transport13 g. Transport backpack, 3 large handles. An elastic bottle holder.
User comfortGrooved foam deck for comfort and grip
Ease of learningPlacement markers on the SUP to help you progress
WarrantyAvailability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years
Technical Information

Inflating & deflating the Stand-Up Paddleboard
INFLATION To inflate your SUP, check that the valve is in the raised position (closed), so that air does not escape. Connect the pump. Inflate to 17 psi for best results. Disconnect the pump and close the outer plug. DEFLATION To deflate your SUP, push the valve in firmly, the air will escape. Roll, starting from the opposite side to the valve to remove all the air for tight folding.
Maintenance tool
NEVER UNSCREW THE VALVE WHEN THE SUP IS INFLATED! RISK OF INJURY. If the valve leaks, once the SUP is deflated, close it a quarter turn using the tool provided. If necessary, it is possible to change the valve, please consult the workshop of your Decathlon store.
Technical dimensions
INFLATED SUP: Length: 14' (427 cm) Width: 25" (63 cm) Thickness: 6" (15 cm) Volume: 290 litres Weight: 12.6 kg (+/- 10%) important: the dimensions can vary slightly depending on the inflated pressure. BAG CONTAINING THE FOLDED SUP: Height: 80 cm Width: 45 cm Thickness:30 cm
Weight in use
This SUP board was designed and optimised for intermediate paddlers between 60 kg and 80 kg for good speed/stability balance. However, stability is a notion relative to one’s level and the conditions (flat water, sea, river, etc.). The weight is thus illustrative. Don't hesitate to ask to try out the product. For one person. the maximum recommended weight is 110 kg.
We have a stand-up paddleboard repair kit, reference 8512384. We recommend that you contact the workshop of your local store for all repairs.
Available through customer service and online in the event of breakage or loss. You can also upgrade your product with a SUP carbon racing fin reference 8545438
Included with the board: - a carry bag - a 10’ coiled leash - 1 US box fin - 2 repair patches - 1 instructions for use The paddle and pump are not included, we recommend you visit our website to properly equip yourself
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 60.0% Polyvinyl Chloride - Phtalate Free, Main fabric : 40.0% Polyester Foam : 75.0% Polyethylene, Foam : 25.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester

Product test
Used during the Dordogne Intégrale 2019 race: long-distance SUP & kayak river race covering 350 km in two days.

Stockage tips
Store deflated and flat out of sunlight, after removing the fin. If storing inflated, release some of the pressure and store in a flat position without any load.
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