Dog Collar 100 Green



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For walks in the forest with your pet, a collar is essential: it allows you to attach a leash to it, regulate the dog's behaviour, and locate it easily.

Breaking resistanceStrap, D-Ring and Buckle can withstand vigorous tugs.
Anatomic designThe adjustment buckle allows you to adjust the strap to just the right length.
Water resistanceBuckles, straps and karabiners are rotproof.
CompatibilityA bell or an address-tag can easily be added.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

An adjustable dog collar: available in different sizes
Size S can be adjusted to a max. length of 40 cm. Weight: 35g). Size M can be adjusted to a max. length of 55 cm. Weight: 60g). Size L can be adjusted to a max. length of 70 cm (weight: 75g).
A multi-purpose collar
The collar is a very useful tool for training your dog. With it, and a leash, you can train your assistant in heeling, then teach him recall, as well as, step by step, walking without a leash. Note that the strap is made of polyamide, and the buckles of 100% steel.
The extra something about this dog collar
A collar is also an identification marker which allows an animal to be recognised and returned to its owner if necessary. This is why you can add a small bell: simply remove the strap from the sliding buckle and add the desired accessory. Easy to put on and to remove with its clip fastening system, this collar is an essential accessory, both for the hunter and the private individual.
Other features
Width: size S = 2 cm, size M =2.5cm, size L =3 cm Axis length from the buckle to the first hole: size S = 11cm, size M =11cm, size L =15cm Axis length from the buckle to the last hole: size S = 40cm, size M =50cm, size L = 60cm Minimum diameter: size S = 4cm, size M =9cm, size L = 9cm Maximum diameter: size S = 14 cm, size M =18cm, size L =22cm
Information / Concept / Technology
Webbing : 100.0% Polyamide Buckles : 100.0% Steel
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