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With 900 lumens of LED lighting and an aluminium body, this USB-rechargeable torch is the most powerful in the range for all wildlife or outdoor activities in all weathers and terrain.
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PowerLED: 900 lm in max mode, 350 lm in medium mode and 60 lm in eco-mode
Visual efficiencyRange of 200m in max mode, 135m in medium mode and 75m in eco-mode
Autonomy1h30 in max mode, 2h in medium mode and 9h in eco-mode
WaterproofResistant to rain, submersion and impacts thanks to its aluminium body, IP67
Versatility3 modes: Maximum, medium and eco, at the touch of a button
Weight185 g
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Effective LED lighting
- Max mode, 900lm illuminates up to 200m with 1hr30 of battery, then 1hr at 60lm in safety mode. Perfect for off-track use or searching for tracks after shooting. - Med mode, 350lm illuminates up to 135m, with 2hr of battery life, then 1hr at 60lm in safety mode Perfect for getting your bearings or seeing far. - Eco-mode, 60 lm illuminates up to 75 m, with 9 hrs of battery life. Ideal for walking in the forest, looking in a bag or shining a light without dazzling.
Modes and functions
The torch has two buttons on the back. One button with the power symbol turns the torch on and off. The other button changes the mode, and each press changes from one mode to the next: eco, medium and maximum. When you turn on the torch, you automatically turn it to the mode it was last on when switched off.
USB battery
The torch is equipped with a Samsung SDI Lithium 3500mAh battery that can be charged with the micro USB cable provided. It has four red LEDs that indicate the battery charge level. You can access this part by unscrewing the rear end of the torch. It takes about 4 hours to charge it completely. It is also possible to check the battery level. To do this, turn the torch on and then unscrew the rear end. You have 7 seconds to see the battery level as indicated by the LED lights
Robust and watertight
The torch is made of aluminium and the body is made of one entire part, for more impact resistance. It is also resistant to rain, dust and submersion. It is IP67 certified, which means it can withstand 30 mins underwater at a depth of 1m.
15cm long, 3.5cm in diameter (at the largest point)
Information / Concept / Technology
Chassis : 100.0% Aluminium Battery : 100.0% Battery Lithium Electronic circuit : 100.0% PCBA
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