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Thanks to its panoramic field of vision and the ability to breathe through your nose and mouth, it's never been easier to discover the aquatic world than with the Easybreath surface mask Adult - 500.
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Easy breathingFull mask with natural breathing through the nose and/or mouth.
Anti-foggingAn exclusive air circulation design that prevents the formation of fog.
Field of visionPanoramic field of vision, 180 ° effect.
Easy dressingAdjustable elasticated fabric strap that does not pull on your hair.
WaterproofThe "dry-top-release" snorkel limits water entry through the top of the snorkel
Water drainagePurge valve at the bottom of the mask to drain water when the head is raised.
Anatomic design2 mask sizes with a silicone face skirt for comfort and a watertight seal.
WarrantyAvailability of spares that are essential to using the product: 2 years.
Technical Information

What is the Easybreath?
The Decathlon Easybreath 500 mask is the second generation full-face snorkelling mask created by Decathlon. It has the same characteristics as the old model: 180° vision, anti-fog, easy to put on, etc. and we have made the mask more robust, the skirt more comfortable, and breathing easier with the effort on breathing reduced by 20%. It is also equipped with a new invention: the "dry-top-release". You will no longer have your breathing interrupted when a wave washes over.
How does the Easybreath work?
The fresh air is projected onto the glass before reaching the nose or mouth via the nasal valves. It is the constant supply of fresh air that reduces the amount of fogging up. The air packed with moisture and CO² is evacuated through channels located inside the mask's rim, which leads this air into the snorkel. In this way, the air constantly renewed. The flow of air going in and out are separated to avoid mixing in polluted air and so you only breath fresh air.
Can I dive with my Easybreath 500?
The volume of air contained in the Decathlon snorkelling mask is greater than that contained in a traditional mask. From just 1m down, the pressure of the mask becomes very uncomfortable on your face. When you free-dive, you need to reduce the pressure. However, with the Easybreath this is not possible because your nose is not accessible.
Why choose Easybreath over a traditional valve mask?
The choice of a full-face snorkelling mask, is made when the user is mainly looking for a comfortable breathing environment and a large field of vision. The design of the Decathlon Easybreath mask makes it ideal for people who are mainly observing from the surface.
Which Easybreath 500 size is right for you?
The Easybreath Adult Surface Mask - 500 comes in 2 sizes and covers 90% of an adult's face. From 10-year-old and for small faces, opt for size S/M and for bigger faces: size M/L. To choose the right size when in the store, tighten the mask so that it fits against your face: there should be no gap between your chin and the bottom of the mask.
Can I wear the Easybreath 500 if I have a beard?
Beard hair prevents good contact between the facial skin and the skirt of the mask. The waterproof design cannot be guaranteed for users that have a beard. The best way to ensure waterproofing with this full face mask is therefore to shave. Alternatively, using a thick balm such as Vaseline can also be a solution.
How does the dry-top system stop water from entering?
It was developed to stop water from getting into the snorkel when there is choppy water, small waves on the surface or when the user leans their head too far forward to observe the seabed. There is a float in the snorkel that rises when you dive and blocks the tube. After diving, remember to blow out when returning to the surface to make sure that the float descends.
Can I wear glasses with my Easybreath mask?
Most spectacle frames will prevent the mask from sealing properly by distorting the mask skirt. It is also complicated to use the Easybreath mask with glasses. Subea designed corrective lenses that are attached to the inside of the mask with a suction cup. You can choose the correction of each glass screen (from -1 to -6) and put it together the way you like it. To find out more: Decathlon website
What precautions should I take with my Easybreath 500 mask?
Pay attention to sand! Avoid letting your full-face snorkelling Easybreath 500 mask come into contact with sand as this can scratch the lens of the mask. If sand is present, do not use force to clip the snorkel into place. Rinse the snorkel and mask before connecting them. Sand can also clog the float valve inside the snorkel. Rinse the snorkel vigorously or use a key that you can fit through the rear vents of the snorkel to unblock the float valve, then rinse the snorkel.
Can my Easybreath 540 mask be repaired if it breaks?
YES, you can extend the lifespan of your Subea Easybreath mask! After-sales service is available from the Workshop in your Decathlon store. The changeable parts (strap, cover, snorkel, valves) are all available online or in store. strap - 8316952, valve - 8363399, snorkel - 8506099, white cover - 8520085.
Dimensions of the disassembled mask
Height: 29 cm. Width: 18 cm. Thickness: 12 cm
Information / Concept / Technology
Lens : 100.0% Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Skirt : 100.0% Silicon Tube : 100.0% Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Main fabric : 100.0% Polyester Strap : 66.0% Polyamide, Strap : 23.0% Polyester, Strap : 11.0% Elasthane Frame : 100.0% Polypropylene

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place away from light.
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