M Hardcase Smartphone Cycling Mount



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The shell attaches to the handlebar or the stem with a quarter-turn on its Garmin® mount.The touchscreen will still work and your phone will still unlock with your thumbprint.

CompatibilityMax phone dimensions:69 x 139mm.Compatible with Garmin® quarter-turn mount
WatertightIP52 Protected from dirt and falling drops of water.
Content protectionProtects against bumps and tyre spray.
Easy opening / closingThe shell easily opens with one hand (spring system).
ConnectivityCharging cable opening.
Tactile efficiencyProtective touchscreen with digital thumbprint zone.
VersatilityLandscape/portrait modes.Available in 2 sizes.
StabilityNon-slip foam inside the shell keeps your phone in place.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Exclusive locking system!
We invented a shell locking system with a standard Garmin® quarter-turn mount. You can therefore use the mount that comes with this product or another similar mount, like an offset mount for example.
Installation on the stem is recommended.
For maximum stability, we recommend installing it on the stem. Below the mount, attach the rubber band that comes with this product. The rubber will prevent the mount from moving. When installing the mount, you have the option between elastic straps, for easy, quick installation, or zip-ties for better durability.
Comes with 2 foam pads.
The shell comes with 2 foam pads. Depending on the thickness of your phone, you can use one or two pads. The foam is also non-slip to keep your phone in place.
Window at the back for the camera.
The shell has a window on the back for your camera lens. You don't have to take your phone out to take pictures!
Available in 2 sizes
This product is also available in "L" size for wider phones.(ref. 8595495)
Information / Concept / Technology
Main part : 90.0% Polycarbonate, Main part : 5.0% Foamed Polyurethane, Main part : 3.0% Stainless Steel, Main part : 2.0% Polyethylene Terephtalate
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