Frisbee D175 - Ultimate Red




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Frisbee D175 - Ultimate Red

Made for gliding when thrown flat. Model for playing Ultimate. 175 g frisbee.
Format and weight designed especially for ultimate. Striated for excellent grip. Superior flight quality. Diameter: 27 cm - 175 g.

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DistanceLong-distance flight up to 40 m. Its leading edge gives it good stability.
PrecisionExcellent grip for perfect trajectory control.
Lightweight175 g. Format and weight designed especially for ultimate.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Flight quality
We carefully considered the weight and shape of our D175 flying disc for excellent ultimate performance. The weight and shape are in line with current standards for this discipline.
Weight: 175 g Diameter: 27cm
Non-slip striations
The large striations on the disc improve the grip.
We designed the D175 flying disc to be rigid enough for good performance but supple enough to make it comfortable to catch.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 60.0% Polyethylene Low Density, Main fabric : 40.0% Polypropylene

Product test
Designed and tested by our teams in Hendaye (France). Our global design centre is located along the Bidasoa river in Hendaye. This means we can design products near our users in a nautical environment.

Stockage tips
Avoid extreme heat (e.g. leaving it in a car parked in the sun).
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