American Football AF500 Official Size - Brown




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American Football AF500 Official Size - Brown

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Looking for a better grip? Succeed in your throws with the outer polyurethane covering and the raised laces of our new Kipsta ball!
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TractionPolyurethane cover and grain for a good grip.
Ergonomic gripGive spin to your throws with the double polyurethane laces!
DurabilityCovered with 4 stitched polyurethane covers that make your ball more durable.
Lasting air retentionKeeps its pressure thanks to the butyl and latex air bladder.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

How do I inflate my ball?
For optimal passes, we recommend not overinflating the ball.
How do I choose the right size for my US football?
Hand size changes with age. So do the sizes of US footballs. To choose the ball best suited to your body, we recommend: - a Pee Wee ball for ages 6 to 9, - a Junior ball for ages 10 to 12, - a Youth ball for ages 12 to 14, - and an official ball for ages 14 and up. Time to play!
Information / Concept / Technology
Bladder : 80.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Bladder : 20.0% Polyester Outcover : 60.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, Outcover : 20.0% Polyester, Outcover : 20.0% Polyurethane
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