Men's Mountain Trekking Down Jacket - TREK 900 -18°C Blue



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Confront the extreme cold with this jacket filled with RDS-certified down and feathers*. It's the warmest jacket in the range!
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WarmthComfortable between -5°C and -18°C. RDS down with a filling power of 660 CUIN
Compact designCan be stuffed into its inner pocket to save space in the backpack
Water repellentCompletely water repellent fabric. Waterproof shoulder and hood panel
DurabilityInserts stronger on the shoulders and wrists to withstand friction
VentilationZipped air vents that help to eliminate the heat generated by the body
WeightApproximately 570 g in size L. Main fabric 35 g/m2, 15 Denier
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

How warm is this padded jacket?
This down jacket, worn as a 3rd layer, has been certified for an active comfort temperature of -18°C during a standardised test in a thermal chamber. The model is wearing a synthetic long-sleeved T-shirt and a light fleece underneath. It works with a simulated 5 km/h wind. We have also tested this model in "static" mode, the comfort temperature is -5°C in this case.
* What is RDS certification?
Thanks to our traceability system, we can guarantee the origin of the feathers in accordance with our commitment to use responsible materials. Our suppliers are committed to only using down from ducks reared for their meat and plucked after slaughtering. We have been awarded RDS certification (Responsible Down Standard) by a third-party organisation.
How to measure the fill power of a down and feather wadding?
The fill power is a measure of the down's thermal insulation capacity and its potential to "trap" air. It is expressed in CUIN (cubic inches). So, down with a higher fill power (higher CUIN number) will occupy more space, trap more air and provide greater thermal insulation. For this down jacket with its 85% down/15% feathers filling, the fill power is guaranteed to be 660 CUIN or more (European standard).
Weight of the filling
S: 171 g M: 180 g L: 189 g XL: 200 g 2XL: 212 g 3XL: 224 g
The advantages of a duck down and feather filling
The filling power of down has 3 advantages for mountain sports: - Thermal insulation thanks to the air trapped in the down and feathers - Ultra low weight: down is lighter than synthetic wadding while offering the same degree of warmth. This saves even more weight in your backpack - Ultra-compressible
How to care for a down and feather jacket?
The down jacket can be worn throughout the winter and will certainly need to be washed. Follow our advice by clicking on the below link: In brief: 1/ machine wash, 30°, with 2 or 3 tennis balls. Gentle spin cycle. 2/ tumble dry with 2 or 3 tennis balls, repeat 2 or 3 times until it is completely dry
In case of rain
The material of the quilted jacket is water repellent. It makes drops of water run off the surface, which delays the time it takes for water to get inside the padded jacket. What's more, the shoulders and hood of the padded jacket, which are more exposed to the rain, are waterproof. We use a thicker fabric (69 g/m2, 20 Denier) laminated with a polyurethane membrane. We nevertheless recommend wearing a waterproof jacket over the quilted jacket in the event of prolonged exposure to the rain.
Water repellent property of component (not to be confused with waterproofing)
The water repellent property of a fabric is its ability to make water run off its surface without absorbing it. This prevents the fabric from swelling, and keeps it lightweight and warm. The fabric is made water-repellent by treating its outer surface, however this property may deteriorate with use. We recommend that you restore it after each wash
How to restore water-repellent properties?
Follow the guide: We recommend that you use the wash-in care product It restores the water-repellent properties of the fabric and optimises the performance of your garment throughout its lifetime.
Reducing the risk of feather loss
The main stitching of the compartments containing the down and feather are heat-sealed to prevent the loss of feathers
Information / Concept / Technology
Padding : 85.0% Grey Duck Down, Padding : 15.0% Grey Duck Feather Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide Lining : 100.0% Polyamide Yoke : 100.0% Polyamide Membrane : 100.0% Polyurethane Pocket : 74.0% Polyester, Pocket : 26.0% Elasthane

Stockage tips
Store on a hanger in a clean, dry place Do not store folded in its pocket
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