Women's Hiking Shoes NH100 Fresh - Grey/Pink




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₹ 999.00

Reduced price! Women's Hiking Shoes NH100 Fresh - Grey/Pink

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Our motivation? To provide ventilated lightweight hiking shoes for your summer hikes on stony footpaths on relatively flat terrain: with great traction, these shoes protect your feet well!
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CushioningEVA cushioning along the entire length of the shoe
GripCrossContact sole for optimum traction on natural terrain
BreathabilityVery breathable mesh upper, perforated outsole to keep moisture away from foot
LightweightEach shoe weighs only 218 g in size 39
Water drainagePerforated sole with channels to facilitate water evacuation
Impact protectionStone guard at the forefoot to protect you from stones
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

CrossContact sole
The design of the this sole was the subject of extensive research in our laboratories. It consists of a specific rubber formulation to optimise grip and traction. Since requirements differ for every person, we systematically seek the best compromise for walking on both soft countryside footpaths (for example, a woodland footpath) and mineral footpaths (for example, coastal footpaths).
Fresh technology
Our Fresh concept combines a highly breathable upper with a sole construction that eliminate moisture. This technology was approved in a laboratory and during field tests to ensure that your feet feel dry throughout your summer hikes.
Designed for use on country footpaths
Our hiking footwear is designed for use on country footpaths. Indeed, we choose the components of the sole and upper of our boots and test them to ensure that they are ideally suited to hiking on loose trails (e.g. forest paths made of soil) or rocky trails (e.g. rocky coastal paths). Road use (asphalt) can accelerate the wear of your shoes and cause discomfort. They are not suitable for mountain walking.
Laboratory tests.
Other laboratory tests are also conducted to validate the following elements: secure attachment of eyelets and straps, gluing, toxicology, UV resistance, abrasion of the sole and the components of the upper, accelerated ageing.
How do you choose the right shoe size
We advise you to try both shoes on while standing up and wearing hiking socks. Try a few different models and sizes. To ensure the best possible comfort, here are 2 things to check: the seat of your heel and the position of the front of your foot when going downhill. Avoid any compression points when trying them on, make sure you walk around in them. We recommend that you break in your shoes gradually during their first hikes to adapt them to your foot
The shoe/sock combination has an important role.
Many different factors cause blisters during hikes: rubbing, a crease in the sock, moisture, a shoe size that is too small or too big, etc. It is therefore important to choose the right size and to have socks made of the right material for your hiking shoes.
How do you choose the size of your hiking socks
You must choose the right sock size for your foot so that there are no additional creases in the sock. If your sock is to big, there will be too much material around your feet, whereas if your sock is too small, it will get pulled inside the shoe.
How do you choose the fabric of your hiking socks
Moisture must be effectively managed when hiking: We sweat, it’s bound to happen. If your shoe is breathable, it will eliminate the moisture of your perspiration: we therefore recommend choosing a lightweight and breathable pair of socks. If your shoes are relatively waterproof, you will not make the same choice to protect you from the moisture of the rain: it is preferable to buy socks that will absorb perspiration, to keep the moisture as far away as possible from your foot.
What socks should you wear with the NH100 FRESH shoe?
We recommend that you choose a pair of socks made of polyamide, without cotton. Polyamide is a fibre that is specially chosen for its capacity to eliminate moisture. So when you sweat, the socks made of polyamide will eliminate any moisture. Then, your shoes will take over the task of wicking away the moisture to the outside thanks to the ventilated mesh. We recommend the Newfeel WS 500 FRESH socks.
Our hiking shoes are guaranteed for 2 years. Our commitment? To offer you long-lasting products that you can use on all your country walks. Because the products we love the most are those that have had great experiences and still have lots of life in them!
Information / Concept / Technology
Outer sole of : 65.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Outer sole of : 35.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Upper of : 60.0% Polyester, Upper of : 40.0% Polyurethane Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester

Product test
It is in France, at the foot of the Mont Blanc, that our design team imagined, thought up and designed the Quechua products. We test them in the field with other campers to assure ourselves of their comfort and resistance. We go to regions like Brittany and Corsica to experience different terrains and weather conditions. These moments involve a lot of discussions. We use this to get your feedback and prepare our future collections!

Stockage tips
Store in a well-ventilated place away from light, moisture and heat.
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