Horse Tendon Boots Twin Pack Front Black




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Horse Tendon Boots Twin Pack Front Black

Made for These tendon boots have been created by our team of keen horse riders to protect your horse's limbs and keep them comfortable when showjumping. The anatomic shape, foam lining, and elasticated fastenings, the 500 Jumping boots adapt to the shape of your horse's leg. It gives full freedom of movement and protection!

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impact protectionA strong, durable shell that has been reinforced over the fetlocks and tendons
user comfortElasticated rip-tabs and anatomic shell for greater comfort.
ease of useEasy to put on thanks to the wide elasticated fastenings and rip-tabs
versatilitySuitable for all your activities: Training, flat work, jumping.
easy maintenanceBrush or wipe with a damp sponge to clean.
Technical Information

Comfortable protection:
One of our designers' priorities is for your horse to be at ease when working. The moulded outer shell is made from supple, durable plastic, combined with a smooth, thick foam lining, and snugly fits around your horse's leg for better protection.
The partner for the 500 Jump fetlock boots:
To protect your horse, you can also pair your boots with the 500 Jump fetlock boots.Made with the same components, they will protect your horse while adapting to fit its limbs. Our tendon boots, just like fetlock boots, comply with show jumping regulations (club, amateur and young horses).
Suitable for flat work and show jumping:
They are easy to put on, whether for flat work or show jumping. To help your horse give its best when jumping obstacles, we created an anatomical shell that doesn't pinch the tendon at the back. The boots won't hinder the joint flexion and move with your horse. Ideal protection for competitions!
For all horses:
All horses are different, so our 500 Jump boots have been designed to adapt to all body shapes. Thanks to the synthetic foam on the inside and the adjustable rip-tab system, the protection fits snugly but comfortably around the horse's limb.
Easy care:
Have you galloped through wet sand? We recommend leaving them to dry, then brushing them, focusing on the areas in contact with your horse's legs. If any dirt is left behind, a moist sponge should remove the rest.
Boot height:
PS: 19.5 cm CS: 25 cm, recommended for horses (1.50m to 1.65m) FS: 27 cm, recommended for horses (over 1.65 m) In between two sizes? We recommend choosing the smaller size. before using for the first time, we recommend that you check that the boot doesn't interfere with the fetlock or knee movement.
Information / Concept / Technology

Leave to dry before putting away in a clean and well ventilated place.

Stockage tips
Foam: 100.0% Foamed Nitril Butadiene Rubber Protection cover: 100.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane Back fabric: 100.0% Polyester

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