Gym Ankle Weights - Twin Pack 1.5 kg



Made for We designed these soft dumbbells for strength training and toning exercises at home or at the gym. Tone up by wearing these weights on your wrists and ankles! Sold in pairs, from 0.5 to 2 kg each.

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versatilityDual use: can be used on your wrists or ankles.
adjustableThere is a rip-tab to adjust them to fit your wrist or ankle.
Technical Information

What exercises can you do with your adjustable dumbbells?
Don't know which exercise to start with, or how to get your posture right? Take a look at the poster below:$dde6bb8de5c56760321801930ae8c2e6/DOMYOS%20TONESOFTBELL2%200%20250%20%20%201KG.jpg(Copy and paste the link in your web browser) Download our poster on your smartphone or print it out to gain access to a dozen free exercises developed by qualified sports coaches!
What is toning?
Muscle toning or strengthening aims to make muscles firmer by tensing the muscle fibres used to support our skeletons and perform our everyday actions. Strengthen your muscles to prevent injury and promote well-being. By toning your body, you'll quickly see a difference in your figure.
Who is it for?
Although mainly done by women, muscle toning is something that anyone can do, at any age. Resistance training lets you gradually and effectively strengthen your muscles to refine your figure.
The benefits of toning
Muscle toning helps to: ease back into sports, rebalance your figure and firm up your whole body (tummy, backside, arms and chest). Targeted toning exercises sculpt the body and get you into the habit of moving.
Information / Concept / Technology

Do not store weights in a damp place or outdoors to prevent corrosion.

Stockage tips
Filling: 100.0% Iron Outer fabric: 100.0% Rubber - Chloropren - Neopren

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