Soft Ring Orange



Made for Designed for gliding over long distances when thrown at a flat angle. The foam material and ring shape allow for safely throwing longer distances than with a classic flying disc.

Impact protectionFoam structure.
DistanceLong distance. Up to 60 m.
PrecisionIts aerodynamic shape makes for a straight, stable flight. 26.5 cm diameter.
Lightweight100 g. Comfortable grip. Lightweight: perfect for small hands.
Technical Information

Flight quality
We carefully considered the weight and shape of the ring so that it could be thrown farther than a classic flying disc. The leading edge and weight make it more accurate and stable.
Information / Concept / Technology

Avoid extreme heat (e.g. leaving it in a car parked in the sun).

Stockage tips
Bridges: 100.0% Foamed Polyurethane

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