Men Swimming Pool Clogs100 Navy Blue



Made for occasional swimmers wanting to cover their feet and avoid slipping by the edge of the pool. Tired of being fearful of going through the foot bath? These affordable, lightweight pool clogs are perfect for covering your feet if you go to the edge of the pool sometimes.
Sizes guide

gripBenefit from good grip on the floor, even when wet, thanks to the grooved soles.
water drainageClogs with perforated soles for improved water drainage.
drying timeQuick drying thanks to the component and perforated soles.
Technical Information

Ethylene-vinyl acetate
Information / Concept / Technology

Dry the pool clogs before storing in a dry place.

Stockage tips
Outer sole of: 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Upper of: 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Lining and sock of: 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

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