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Made for Our design team developed this Kettlebell with a rubber base specifically for cross training at home or at a box. Combine muscle strengthening and cardio training!KETTLEBELL workouts give you more strength, more power but also more flexibility and resistance.

robustnessUltra-durable rubber base, protects floors against knocks.
versatilityOffers a complete workout. Combine muscle strengthening and cardio training!
ergonomic gripWide, practical handle for gripping with 1 or 2 hands depending on the exercise.
Technical Information

How to choose your KETTLEBELL
Choose the weight of your KETTLEBELL according to your physical abilities. Start with a 4 kg while you learn the right technique.
Why a rubber base?
A Kettlebell with a rubber base won't damage your floor, unlike a traditional kettlebell that's totally made of cast iron. Rubber is a soft material that absorbs impacts and doesn't scratch surfaces.
What are kettlebells for?
The handle offsets the centre of gravity in relation to your hand. So kettlebells allow you to perform swings that can't be done with dumbbells. Plus, it is safer than barbell training as it exerts less pressure on the spine. Kettlebells do wonders to improve your physical fitness.
Product dimensions:
Handle diameter: 36 mm Handle width: 222 mm Window width: 150 mm Window height: 60 mm
Information / Concept / Technology

Do not store directly on the ground, but choose a protective mat to prevent damage to your floor.

Stockage tips
Frame: 100.0% Iron Protection cover: 20.0% Isoprene Rubber, 80.0% Dry Natural Rubber Elastic band: 100.0% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

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