Dartboard Steel Club 700 Traditional - Black/Red



Made for Our Canaveral team designed this eco-friendly dartboard for darts enthusiasts looking for the same feel and longevity as an official size dartboard. Are you looking for a competition size dartboard? Thanks to its official size, its natural fibre construction, its staple free thin separators, you'll better your score.

impact resistanceLonger lasting enjoyment thanks to Dartboard's natural fibre construction
precisionThanks to its staple free thin separators, you'll unlock the 180 score
ease of useDivide dartboard use differently thanks to its detachable score numbers.
ecodesignProduct that has reduced its impact by 78% through eco-design actions.
Technical Information

Dartboard size
18" ( 457 mm)
Dartboard weight
4.7 kg
Information / Concept / Technology

Store in a dry place.

Stockage tips
Structure: 5.0% Steel, 95.0% Rice Straw

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