Women Hiking Fleece MH20 Black



Made for We designed this fleece to protect you from the cool air during your occasional hikes in the mountains. Light and compact fleece. Ideal for the bottom of a backpack.
Sizes guide

warmthComponent that insulates from the cold. High collar.
breathabilityPolyester knit lets the water vapour from the body pass through.
lightweightOnly 143 g in size M.
compact designA thin micro-fleece, perfect for the bottom of a backpack
easy maintenanceMachine washable. Quick drying and crease-resistant.
Technical Information

Fleece material: Insulation provided by air
The fleece component is designed to trap air in the space formed by its texture (qualified as brushed when it is made of pile fabric); this air acts as a natural insulator, keeping the body warm.
Durability warranty of 2 years
We test the ageing of our hiking fleeces to guarantee their durability. We guarantee: - resistance to wear from backpacks and moving arms to delay the appearance of pilling - the solidity of seams - the durability of the fleece material after 5 washes (dimensional stability) - colour-fastness after washing, against UV rays or in contact with perspiration.
Information / Concept / Technology

Store folded in a clean and dry place

Stockage tips
Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester

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