Kids' Football Socks F100 - White



Made for Our teams created these F100 football socks for young beginners playing once or twice a week on dry pitches. An airy knit was used on the instep of the F100 sock to ensure that your child's foot can breathe in the boot.
Sizes guide

ventilationVentilated area on the instep for improved ventilation.
lightweight48 g in size 12C/1.5.
moisture managementUse of polyester helps wick away perspiration.
durabilityProduct holds up to occasional use and light friction.
quick dryingAir dries quickly.
easy maintenanceWash inside out at 40°C. Air dry only.
Technical Information

Because durable, ventilated socks are the key to comfort, our design teams developed these socks with a ventilated weave to better support young footballers' first steps on the pitch.
Dyeing textiles uses a lot of water, and also produces a lot of waste water from the dye baths.To reduce our environmental impact, we use the "dope" dyeing process where dye is added to the solution from which the thread is manufactured, thus reducing our water and energy consumption and chemical dyeing processes.* Only blue and white colours use the "dope" dyeing process
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Socks: 1.0% Elastane, 1.0% Polyamide, 98.0% Polyester

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