Horse & Pony Leather Bridle Noseband & Reins 100 Black



Made for Our equestrian designers created this bridle for riders looking for an affordable and comfortable French noseband bridle in leather. Looking for your first bridle? The bridle 100 has a minimalist design with the benefits of a French noseband. It's made entirely of leather and is affordable to boot!

anatomic designA wide, flat noseband for added comfort.
abrasion resistanceA bridle made entirely from buffalo leather for greater durability.
limits irritationMinimalist leather design to avoid excess thickness and rubbing.
gripPolyester rein grips with cotton strands braided with leather stoppers.
Technical Information

Rein combinations:
This bridle is sold with reins. The bit is sold separately so you can adapt to your horse's needs.
The schooling bridle is available in four sizes: Shetland (SHT), Pony (PS), COB (CS) and Horse (FS) to fit all horses.
How to check that your bridle is properly fitted
A few simple movements allow you to check the adjustment of your bridle. You can slip a finger between the horse's face and brow band to check if it is too tight and pressing against any sensitive areas. You can then slip a finger between the head piece and back of the ears to check if it is pressing too tightly against the ears. During the first few uses, remember to check for signs of the bridle chafing your horse's head.
A well-adapted noseband:
The noseband adjustment has a strong influence on how relaxed your horse is. We recommend that you slip a finger between the horse's face and the noseband and two fingers between the noseband and the cheeks. If you have any doubts about how to adjust it, seek professional help.
Care advice
To keep your bridle in good condition, we recommend cleaning it regularly with glycerine soap applied using a sponge dampened with lukewarm water. You can then hydrate your leather with grease applied using a household or special leather cloth. If you feel that the leather is rough and dry, you can also use a hydrating conditioner that will nourish your leather.
Rein length
115cm: PS 145cm: CS and FS
Information / Concept / Technology

Store in a cool, dry place, preferably hanging up.

Stockage tips
Main fabric: 100.0% Leather

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