26" Mountain Bike Single-Walled Rear Wheel V-Brake with Freewheel + Bolt-On Hub




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Have fun during your family outings or on more intensive tours by choosing this comfortable, 26" rear MTB wheel at an unbeatable price!
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Brake controlAluminium, single-wall rim.
Compatibility26" tyre with 35 to 62 mm cross section. Brakes with pads Freewheel
Rolling efficiencyCaged bearings
MaintainRepair your product and give your equipment a second life!
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Technical features
Wheel diameter: 26" ETRTO 559x21C Rim: Single-walled aluminium rim Number of spokes: 36 Spoke material: Silver stainless steel Assembly type: 3-cross spoke pattern Bearings: cup and cone (5/16") Brake compatibility: Pads Freewheel compatible OLD: 9x135 mm Axle length: 145 mm Axle type: solid axle with bolt-on fastening
User tip:
Fitting a suitable rim strip is essential. Ask for advice from a sales assistant.
Care tips
Regularly check there is no runout on your wheel, and the tension of your spokes Avoid using any high pressure cleaning methods on the wheel bearings
The technicians at your Decathlon store workshop are available to help you replace the parts of your bike. Feel free to ask them for help!
Information / Concept / Technology
1 wheel with aluminium hub, watertight seals and quick-release system. Composition: aluminium rim and hub. Compatible with screw-on freewheel. Weight: 1 150 g

Stockage tips
Store the wheel in a dry and temperate place, away from corrosive products and salty air.
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