Dog Mat 100 Brown




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Dog Mat 100 Brown

Made for With its 2cm thick foam, this mat is designed to ensure your dog's comfort on the ground or inside its carrying case. In need of a durable and comfortable mat that protects your dog from rough, uneven ground while also providing thermal insulation? This item can be used alone or within a case

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durabilityWear-resistant 600 denier fabric to avoid damage from scratching and rubbing.
thermal insulation20 mm foam to provide your dog with comfort and insulation.
waterproofThe mat's fabric is waterproof: it does not absorb moisture.
easy maintenanceA stream of water is enough to clean this accessory, which also dries quickly.
compatibilityThe sizes of the mats are suited to the different sizes of the carrying cases.
Technical Information

Size S Size M Size L
Length 50 cm x Width 34 cm x Thickness 2 cm / Weight: 0.164 kg Length 66cm x Width 46cm x Thickness 2cm / Weight: 0.244 kg Length 86cm x Width 56cm x Thickness 2cm / Weight: 0.386 kg
A polyester coated mat, designed to offer good tear and friction resistance
This dog mat, available in sizes S, M and L, perfectly fits into our foldable cases of the corresponding sizes. Its foam, made up of half polyester and half polyurethane, is 2cm thick. Its 100% polyester coating is resistant to tearing and abrasion. For your four-legged friend to rest comfortably, other than on your armchair or sofa, it is an essential accessory.
The other assets of this dog mat, available in different colours
Lightweight and easy to transport, you can also use this 100 mat as a primary or backup bed, or even to fit into a carrying case. And since we are never safe from potential urination or leakage from our pets, this model is both waterproof and very easy to clean with a single spray of water. Following an intense trip or a simple walk in the forest, your helper will appreciate the comfort of resting, relaxing, and huddling.
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Foam: 50.0% Polyurethane, 50.0% Polyester Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester

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