D90 Frisbee Yellow




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D90 Frisbee Yellow

Made for The flying disc sport can be practiced by 2 or more in a clear place. Not suitable for playing with dogs. Its manufacturing quality and durability make it a flying disc of choice for the general public, associations and the sports community. Its leading edge gives it good stability in flight.
Sizes guide

distanceShort distance. Up to 30 m. Non-slip ridges for greater accuracy.
precisionAerodynamic shape makes for a straight and stable flight. 21 cm diameter.
lightweight90 g. Comfortable handling. Low weight: ideal for small hands.
Technical Information

Flight quality
We have worked on the weight and shape of the D90 flying disc in order to make an entry price flying disc with a very good flight quality. Its leading edge and its weight give it good stability and accuracy.
Weight: 90 grams Diameter: 21 cm
Non-slip ridges
The ridges on the Flying Disc improve grip.
Information / Concept / Technology

Avoid high temperatures (cars in direct sunlight, for example)

Stockage tips
Structure: 100.0% Polypropylene

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