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Made for A single speed, simple cycle suited best for urban commuting. Frame and wheels designed for tarmac roads and countryside trails.
A value for money cycle which can be used for daily commute and trails. A cycle with a wide seat, raised handle bars for better posture.
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Ease of useWide and raised steering position.
EfficiencyStrengthened steel frame. Tyres designed for wet and dry conditions.
Lifetime warrantyB’TWIN offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebars and rigid fork.
Warrantylifetime warranty for: frame, stem, handlebars and rigid fork.
Technical Information

Why Should I Buy This Cycle?
The bike is supported on a rigid steel frame. The bike has aluminium wheels which prevent rusting and reduces the weight of the cycle. The front crank has a plastic chain guard which helps keep grease away from your ankles or shoes. The "two-fingers" breaking system decreases stress on your hands. The cycle has a comfortable saddle.
Why Should I Choose A Btwin Cycle?
All Btwin cycles are tested by a team of Btwin cyclists. All observations are noted and worked on to improve the cycle. This helps our customers get the best cycling experience. All your spares are under one roof and our workshop team will take complete care of your bicycle.Customer feedback is very important to us. We listen to our customers improve our product design.
VP flat pedals. VP pedals have ridges offering better grip when the soul of the shoe is wet or flat. The face of the pedal is broad which makes it comfortable to pedal. The pedals have reflectors which increase visibility.
PU MTB saddle. Wide and comfortable saddles which offer good cushioning. The saddle can be accompanied with gel seat cover for long rides. The cover also acts as a protective membrane for the saddle on your cycle.
Steel. Advantages of steel frames: The biggest advantage of the steel frame is the durability and rigidity it brings to your cycle. You fix a carrier and have a load of 20 to 25 kgs on the frame, take a really rugged course and yet the cycle will remain sturdy. It has the ability to absorb shocks and vibrations constantly for years and still maintain its rigidity without collapsing.
Rigid steel fork. The bike has a rigid steel fork which is covered under lifetime warranty. The front fork is angled away from the top tube which is a good cycle frame geometry for leisure cycling.
Helical spring V-brakes. Wide brake pads on the cycle provide powerful and progressive braking system. The pads work in wet and dry conditions. 2 figured lever on the cycle handlebars reduces stress on the hands. The brake levers are also lowered down in angle to have the correct hand position while applying the brakes.
steel handlebars. The U-shaped handlebars provide the right riding position for the cyclist. The handlebars are 63cm in length which makes it easy to control the bike. Steel paw headset system allows for better strength and stability in the event of a frontal impact.
36 hole aluminium wheels. The aluminium wheels on the cycle reduce weight and are rust proof.
Single speed.
1) The components seen on the bicycle in the videos may change from the actual product. 2) The bicycle will be delivered in 95% assembled condition(Handlebar and pedals have to be assembled). The directions for the cycle assembly will be sent via mail ( if you have subscribed) and available on the product pages. The tools for assembly are provided with the cycle only for online buyers.
1) If you will need a spare part to be replaced, we have it all at our workshop. You will have to drop by our workshop to get your cycle serviced. 2)The 3-month, free checkup is valid only if the user is able to take the bicycle to a decathlon workshop.4) All bicycle accessories need to be purchased separately.
Maximum Weight capacity
100Kgs tested.
Need gears?
It is not possible to install a gear system for this bike within decathlon. If done externally please ensure there are no structural changes to the bike frame to continue the lifetime warranty.
Gross weight (M): 17.12 Kg NET Weight (M): 13.87 Kg Gross Weight (L): 17.4 Kg Net Weight (L): 14.38 Kg
Information / Concept / Technology
Stockage tips
Store the cycle in dry places away from rain and sunlight. Keep the tyres always inflated.


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