Men's Windproof and Water-repellent Hiking Jacket - Raincut 1/2 Zip



Made for Our hiking designers have eco-designed this spare jacket to protect you from light rain during your country walks. Our best technical waterproof hiking jacket! This light, compact and breathable rain jacket provides excellent back-up protection and can be stored in its pocket.
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waterproofWaterproof coating 5000mm H2O (Schmerbers) | Main taped seams
windproofThe fabric of the jacket protects you from winds up to 70 km/h
breathabilityHydrophilic coating (RET=12 : reduces condensation under the rain protector.
easy transportOne zip-fastened pocket | The jacket folds away into its right pocket.
ease of useHood adjustment | Zip pull for easy opening with gloves
lightweightLight and compact rain jacket | Weight: 175g in size L.
Technical Information

Water resistance of the fabric
The waterproofness of a fabric, provided by a coating or membrane, is measured in Schmerber or mm H20 (pressure exerted by a column of water). The higher this number, the more waterproof the fabric. This jacket is designed with a waterproof coating (JIS 1092 standard): this component resists 5,000 mm H20 (Schmerbers) before washing (equivalent to the pressure exerted by a 5 metre column of water).
Fabric breathability
Our product's fabric is extremely breathable - 12 TER The breathability of a component is measured by its "Thermal Evaporative Resistance". This is its capacity to let out water vapour produced by the body during activity. The lower the Thermal Evaporative Resistance (TER), the higher the breathability of the fabric. RET ? 9: extremely breathable fabric RET < 12: very breathable fabric RET < 20: breathable fabric RET > 20: little or non-breathable fabric.
Textile dyeing requires a lot of water but also produces waste water from the dye baths. To reduce our environmental impact, we use a mass pigmentation process that involves adding the colour pigments when the yarn itself is produced. We are delighted that all of our colours are now available in Dope Dyed polyester (8300326, 8300325, 8646291). We have discontinued our old items in order to improve our environmental impact (8731524, 8731527).
By recycling plastic bottles and used textiles to produce our polyester, we reduce the use of petroleum resources while preserving the qualities and performance of the material for your outings. We use recycled polyester fibres on the black colour version (code 8300326).
Your health is our top priority
We changed the composition of our water repellent treatments in order to use technologies without perfluorocarbons (PFC). PFCs are used to make fabric water-repellent, however they are toxic to the environment and people. By substituting PFCs with other technologies giving the same level of performance, we are reducing the environmental impact.
How to maintain your jacket's waterproof quality and durability
To maintain a durable water-repellent fabric, we recommend reactivating it regularly. Do this every three washes (it is important to rinse abundantly) or after a dozen uses in the rain. You can easily reactivate the water repellent property by warming the fabric: - with your tumble dryer for 15 minutes (synthetic programme); - with a hair dryer at a distance of 20 cm, going back and forth twice; - or twice over with an iron on a delicate setting without the steam function.
Choose your waterproof jacket according to your sports effort
This rain jacket has been designed for a 2-hour hike at a pace of 5 km/h max., without elevation gain. During sports activity, the extent to which we perspire depends on the intensity or the duration of the physical effort If the breathability of the fabric is not adapted to your type of physical activity, the perspiration vapour condenses inside the jacket You will feel damp inside this is not rain coming through but perspiration vapour condensing You therefore need to choose a rain jacket according to your type of physical activity.
Recommended additional product
To protect the lower body as well and have a very effective outfit to protect you against the wind and showers, we recommend the men's NH500 over-trousers. These over-trousers are eco-designed. Depending on the colours, we use recycled fibres or dope dyeing processes that limit the use of water.
Information / Concept / Technology

We advise you to always make sure that this rain jacket is completely dry before storing it.

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Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester Coating: 100.0% Polyurethane

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