Push-Pin Kit Town 7XL Black




₹ 149.00

Push-Pin Kit Town 7XL Black
Made for Our team of two-wheel enthusiasts have made this kit so that you can replace the height adjustment locking mechanism on Town 7 XL scooters. Make your scooter last longer with this push-pin kit for replacing the height adjustment locking mechanism.

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easy assembly / dismantlingEasy to mount this push-pin kit with a size 2 cross-head screwdriver
compatibilityThis kit is compatible with Town 7 XL models
Technical Information

Kit contents
Think to get spare parts instead of changing scooter! We provide this kit to maintain your child's scooter and get the most out of a longer lifespan. It contains a push-pin, a push-pin housing, a spring coil, a screw and a plastic guide.
Weight: 47 g
Information / Concept / Technology

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