Fishing Reel UL20 R5C 2000



Made for Our design team of avid anglers developed this reel to allow you to cast for trout and/or small predators in freshwater This rear drag reel will enable you to easily adjust your drag. Robust, it will be your companion for a long time. It provides a good comfort of use thanks to its 5 bearings

lightweightWeight: 276g
braking powerMax.: 3 kg Usable: 3 kg
bearing smoothnessNumber of bearings: 5
speedLine retrieve per crank:60 cm ratio: 5.1:1
robustnessAluminium reel Fibreglass-filled frame
Information / Concept / Technology

Rinse and dry after each fishing trip Loosen the drag after each fishing trip Oil the mechanism once a year. Ensure that your reel is dry before stowing it away.

Stockage tips
Padding: 100.0% Glass Fiber Frame: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

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