Table Tennis Bat Leisure PPR130



Made for Our table tennis designers developed this bat to help you learn to play table tennis: control and a light grip are its main advantages. Want to use some spin when playing with family or friends? Our PPR 130 bat, with its light and slightly tacky rubbers, will allow you to take your opponents by surprise
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ease of useBat is easy to use thanks to the slower rubbers and wooden handle
spinOur rubbers are slightly tacky for learning to apply spin.
speedProvide moderate speed to the ball thanks to the soft wood and rubbers.
Technical Information

Pairing the bat's soft wood with 2 slightly fast and tacky rubber layers provides excellent forgiveness, which is perfect for learning to play table tennis and improving.The wooden handle is shaped for a good grip on the bat.
The 2 rubber layers' grip allows you to take on your first spins when playing.
The foam's 1.5 mm thickness, combined with the bat's rubbers, will allow you to put some speed in your ball.
Information / Concept / Technology

Your bat is made from wood and rubber; do not expose it to direct sunlight or moisture. Clean your bat regularly and protect it with a cover to keep it in good condition.

Stockage tips
Blade (for table tennis): 100.0% Wood Rubber: 100.0% Latex Natural Rubber Handle: 100.0% Wood

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