Weight Training 20 kg Threaded Weights Kit



Made for The 20 kg kit was developed by our weight training coaches and design team for weight training at home. This is the ideal set to start weight training and work. This kit is ideal for starting weight training, as it lets you work various muscles: biceps, triceps, pecs, etc. The threaded weight bar stops the plates sliding, even when using the hammer grip!

robustnessIron discs and threaded steel bars for safety 2-year warranty.
versatilityDo various exercises: biceps, triceps, deltoids and pecs
weightAdjusts in 2 kg increments. Composition: 8 x 1 kg + 4 x 2 kg + 2 x 2 kg bars
easy transportThis dumbbell set is easy to store and carry in its case.
ergonomic gripEasy to grip thanks to its ergonomic shape.
Technical Information

Case contents:
- Two 2 kg threaded weight bars (35 cm long and 28 mm in diameter) - Four chrome-plated collars (200 grams per collar) - Eight 1 kg plates (28 mm in diameter) - Four 2 kg plates (28 mm in diameter)
Information / Concept / Technology

To avoid corrosion, do not store bars and weights in a damp place or outdoors.

Stockage tips
Structure: 17.0% Steel, 6.0% Polyester, 77.0% Iron

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