Tightening Strap for Trekking Bag x2




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Tightening Strap for Trekking Bag x2

Made for Our design team, made up of trekking enthusiasts, developed these straps for fastening a groundsheet or tent beneath a trekking backpack Designed for Quechua/Forclaz bags with a capacity of more than 50 L and loops underneath the bag. These additional straps for fastening extra equipment to the outside of the bag.

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compatibilitythe straps are attached to loops under compatible backpacks
ease of usestraps supplied with one quick-tightening buckle each
durabilityPolyamide buckles, rot-proof polypropylene straps
Technical Information

Durable 25mm x 1m straps for securing your equipment
Information / Concept / Technology

When stored for long periods, keep in a dry place away from light

Stockage tips
Buckles: 100.0% Polyoxymethylene Webbing: 100.0% Polypropylene

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