3-Month Free Check-up




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3-Month Free Check-up

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After using your bike for 6 months, once the bike has been well run in, servicing is the opportunity to inspect the different points to check, tighten up and adjust on your bike.
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MaintainRegular maintenance extends your bike's lifespan!
Bike safetyMaintaining your equipment helps to make it safer to use your bike
Technical Information

We recommend you service your bike at least once a year depending on your usage (it could be more regularly if you use your bike daily) to prevent all forms of breakage or premature wearing of the different parts.
This service includes
Tightening up handlebars, stem, saddle and screws, adjust stem, headsets, brake levers angle and fastening, adjust front and rear brake pads, as well as brake cables, tightening cranks, pedals and chainrings, trueing wheels, as well as adjusting wheels' hub axles.
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Stockage tips
We recommend not leaving your bikes in a damp environment, stacked against one another, or lying on the floor.
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