Tennis Ball - TB800 Yellow



Made for leisure tennis or just a game of catch the ball with your friends and family! This "Made in India" ball is good to start practicing tennis but not preferred for intermediates or professional players as there is a synthetic felt covering the ball rather than natural felt.

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speedModerate speed ball for shot practice sessions.
bounceModerate bounce, best for beginners.
durabilityMedium durablility, pressureless ball.
Technical Information

Because the ball leaks air over time, strokes lose some of their power. The more air the ball can retain, the more durable it is. This is why professional tennis players change balls every nine games. The air inside the ball offers a better hitting sensation.
Information / Concept / Technology

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Structure: 100.0% Synthetic Rubber Outer fabric: 25.0% Polyester, 27.0% Wool, 48.0% Polyamide

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